• Dirk Tolken
    Dirk Tolken
    Co-founder and director of Business Development

  • Lee Stuttaford
    Lee Stuttaford
    Co-founder & director of Projects & Technology

  • Steve Bonthuys
    Steve Bonthuys
    Projects & Retainers Manager

  • Kyle Pretorius
    Kyle Pretorius
    Paid Search Marketing Manager

  • Jess Hannah
    Jess Hannah
    Copywriting, SEO & SM Manager

  • Charlie Blakemore
    Charlie Blakemore
    Account Manager

  • Lesley-Ann Johannes
    Lesley-Ann Johannes
    Account Manager

  • Ethan Ellis
    Ethan Ellis
    Web Designer

  • Riaan Coertzen
    Riaan Coertzen
    Web Developer

  • Divan Botes
    Divan Botes
    Web Developer

  • Francois Swanepoel
    Francois Swanepoel
    Web Developer

  • Francois Hagen
    Francois Hagen
    Web Developer

  • Elsie Payne
    Elsie Payne
    Financial Administrator

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    Your Name ?
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