Brand Logos – The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

Brand Logos - The Good, Bad & Downright Ugly

One of the things we deal with in our daily business are logos, or more specifically, brand logos – we’re very often tasked with designing a logo for clients with very little time and resource and we often have to be rather creative to achieve our goal! So, for interest sake, the following except is from one of our regular sources of inspiration on this often contentious topic…

“When it comes to your business’ branding strategy, establishing your company’s logo is one of the most critical tasks. Your logo will be pervasive throughout all of your marketing campaigns, and it’s one of the most prominent branding elements that people will think of when someone mentions your company.

Your brand’s logo should be memorable, versatile, and consistent, all the while giving your audience a sense of what your brand is all about. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t exactly done a great job of keeping those goals in mind when establishing their logo, learning the hard way what it takes to create a positive brand experience through their logo.

Not sure what it takes to create a killer brand logo? To give you a better idea, here are 10 companies that have either failed or flourished in the logo department.”

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