Candy Wasted brings happiness

Candy Wasted has launched!

Semantica Digital is proud to announce the addition of Candy Wasted to our client list. Candy Wasted is an online confectionery store owned by a young couple with a passion for the sweeter side of life. With a wealth of tasty and colorful products, they aspire to be South Africa’s leading supplier of sweet treats.

Recipe for success

Candy Wasted is the creation of husband and wife team, Christopher and Tanya Berg. Christopher previously worked as an executive chef, with a strong pastry background. Tanya was an ex-homemaker and procurement manager. Since presenting their idea and being funded by Dragon’s Den SA, however, they both left their jobs to focus on Candy Wasted full time.

Vinny Lingham and Polo Radebe of Dragon’s Den SA agreed to fund the project, on the condition that the store operates online. Thanks to some hard work and brilliant design by both Semantica and Now Boarding, the site was created and the rest is history!

Nutella cupcake in a jar by Candy Wasted

Candy Wasted products

Although they plan to stock everything from gourmet candy apples to international candy, at the moment Candy Wasted is most famous for their delicious cupcakes in a jar. This unique idea features a scrumptious, high-quality cupcake, molded neatly into a glass container. The reusable container can be kept to hold anything from office supplies to more candy! The cupcakes come in all sorts of yummy flavors, including coconut, peanut butter and South African favorites such as peppermint crisp.

Get Candy Wasted

Candy Wasted’s products can be ordered online, and shipped to you with ease. Customised / character themed cupcakes can also be ordered, and a holiday themed range is launching 1 December.

Head over to their website now and indulge you inner child. Candy Wasted makes candy fun again!


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