Cedarberg Africa – Personal Safari Planning website launch!

Cedarberg Africa gives you the freedom to explore new places and seek new experiences, confident that we have sorted all the logistics. Personal Safari Planning is our motto, goal and tradition.

Our most ambitious and long running project to date and one that brought some last minute challenges too – but you know you enjoyed the project when you write about it on a Sunday!

Visit the site here : cedarberg-travel.com

Project Summary

We’ve learned a lot about new deployment technologies, site optimisation tweaks and NGINX and HHVM running on a dedicated VPS – and we’re seeing very, very page load times as a result!

We’re modelling our future deployments on the learnings of this and our other recent NGINX/HHVM project (ThatLittleShop.co.za), and our processes are being more streamlined and robust, our team more familiar with focussing on a quality outcome – we’re more confident that we’re able to produce top notch websites for our existing and new clients.

If you’re an existing client, and are interested in moving your web presence to a MUCH faster and load capable setup, let us know – if you’re a prospective client who likes what you here – we’d love to help you too!

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