Distinct Detail Goes Live

With some added polish, Distinct Detail has joined our client list!

Experienced automotive care specialists Distinct Detail approached us (the web specialists) to build a site that puts their new brand on the web. We went live a few days ago and the site, much like Distinct Detail’s vehicles, is bright, attractive, and well-polished.

One of our new project managers, James, was assigned to assist Mike of Distinct Detail, and to provide some insight for our followers we’ve given a brief idea below of who Mike is and what his business is about, and shared some of our development approach.

For starters, Mike is a very likeable guy and working with him is a breeze. Mike describes his work plainly as “all about making bikes and cars look better than new and keeping them that way.” It quickly became clear, however, that Distinct Detail isn’t just any car-wash service, and Mike contends that what essentially sets his business apart from the competition is “attention to long-term protection; we use the latest products to ensure that, and it’s done in the most responsible manner.” Mike was very happy with his site and when asked, he said he’d definitely recommend Semantica’s services to others. ?

With over 10 years’ experience in automotive care, Distinct Detail is at the forefront of detailing technology and techniques, so naturally we made an effort to pull out all the stops. Direct communication between James and Mike was important to ensure that all requirements were met appropriately. 

Mike wanted to streamline Distinct Detail’s quotation process by making it accessible online, so we accommodated a variety of profiled car-owners with a dynamic quote form. The form sticks on certain pages, effectively following the browser’s scrollbar, and this improves usability and accessibility.

A prime consideration for any site is above-the-fold content, and this posed a modest challenge to ensure the quote form fits neatly within 768 pixels, as this is a popular screen height for modern devices. We achieved this without much trouble with some spacing modifications and placeholder text.

Some site developments to keep an eye on for the near future include a blog and portfolio to showcase Distinct Detail’s awesome work, so be sure to visit their site, distinctdetail.co.za.

If you have a similar need for your site, or just a custom requirement, don’t hesitate to request a quote.


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