co-working office space, Co-working eCommerce office space with specialised support

Co-working eCommerce office space with specialised support

Why have co-working spaces have become so popular?

An entrepreneur working from home or from a coffee shop can become distracted.

Benefits of using co-working spaces are:

  • You can rather work alongside like-minded individuals.
  • Create a network to expand your business prospects.
  • Get some help and advice from other experts in their fields.
  • Access to a small product photography booth.
  • Secure storage space for small products.
  • Knowledgeable eCommerce interns who are able to assist with store management.
  • Customer support
  • Marketing

New and existing eCommerce business owners can now rent co-working space in Milnerton.

These owners can work alongside Semantica Digital. An expert team of eCommerce operators, marketers and web developers.

And the kicker? You could be sharing offices with Semantica Digital. Semantica Digital’s office is upstairs. This will come in handy if you need help with your website development & marketing.

Some of the options available to you include:

Hot Desk Rental

  • Desk rental on a month-to-month basis from R1 950.00 including VAT.
  • Access to the internet and amenities.

Learning Opportunites

  • Training workshops that can be booked on-demand:
  • Search Engine Optimisation for eCommerce
  • Optimizing your eCommerce store for Conversion
  • An introduction to WordPress & Blogging
  • An introduction to WooCommerce &/or Shopify
  • Beyond the Build – Starting an eCommerce Startup in South Africa
  • Developing Content Strategies
  • Understanding Web Analytics
  • An introduction to Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom workshops tailored to requirements
  • Consulting & Coaching Opportunities

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