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Facebook Shops: An Introduction

Facebook Shops are here, and it’s a mobile targeted platform designed for small businesses which is available on Facebook and Instagram, for free! Facebook Shops will allow you to connect with customers via Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Facebook Shops is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, specifically as a recovery or relief effort to the COVID-19 crisis, but has its roots grounded in the fact that e-commerce is going to be a more integral part of the future. This will allow sellers to choose which items and merchandise they wish to feature as well as add a story to their items as well in a variety of fonts and colours.

The Facebook Shop is easily customisable in order to represent your brand. It allows you to use your existing catalogue (or create a new one) that can be used across Facebook and Instagram, and you can create between 6 – 30 items where you can use images as a cover and add enticing names for your inventory collections in order to attract buyers.

While Facebook Shops is a free and easy to set up, Facebook catalogue setup and management can be confusing and down-right tricky at times, and a catalogue is vitally important in the running and advertising of your Facebook Shop.

Facebook recommends that you include at least one of the products in your collection at a 4:3 ratio with a minimum 800 x 600 pixel size. A variety of image formats can be used, and the images used will be from your catalogue feed. You can also use emojis in titles and text of the ad.

Facebook Shops will be mobile only. Unlike Facebook Marketplace which acts more like a classified section, Facebook Shops will be solely dedicated for retailers. Products will be shown on Facebook news feeds, through a Facebook Shop tab and through notifications. Facebook Shops will also be fully customisable in terms of layout, looks and feel where Facebook Marketplace does not have these options.

Facebook has not been clear on where Facebook Shops are available, only stating, “Shops are being rolled out to businesses who sell with Instagram Shopping, a Facebook Page shop or both. We’ll send you an email when yours is ready.”

Facebook Shop uses your catalogue feed which can be manually uploaded to the Facebook Business platform, or synced with ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify.

Let Semantica help you set up your catalogue and we can and assist you in setting up your Facebook Shop so that you get the best customised design that represents your brand and speaks to your potential buyers.
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