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Facebook Short, Vertical Video Ads

Introducing Facebook’s new short, vertical ‘Mobile-First video ads’. Facebook has launched their new mobile-only ad, aimed at capturing user attention and driving engagement quickly.


Facebook claims that users engage 5 times longer with videos than they do with static images, and their new short vertical videos are an ideal ad type that will capture and drive engagement from both Facebook and Instagram.

What makes the new mobile-first video ads unique from Facebook’s other ad styles and sizes?

These new video ads are for mobile audiences only.

The video cannot be longer than 15 seconds.

Use square or vertical videos.

Ads can click to Messenger, where you can start a conversation with users straight away.

The ads will be video only.

Since most people hold their phone vertically, the ad must be 4:5 vertical video ads for the Facebook and Instagram feed, or 6:9 vertical videos for Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Facebook tools such as Video Creation Kit and Mobile Studio can help you create your video ads quickly and easily.

What are the best practices and recommendations for these new ads?

Make sure that the images used in the ad are high resolution.

Make sure your ads are designed for ‘sounds-off’ viewing.

The first 3 seconds of your video are most important, and should contain the most compelling aspects during the first 3 seconds.

You can also add captions, text overlays and logo overlays to your videos.

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