Google wants YOU to use Google Plus – for business

Why you should join the other millions

Why are people reluctant to engage with their Google Plus account in the same intense, almost obsessive way as they do on Facebook? Google wants YOU to use Google Plus – for business.

We say: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Here are 6 reasons why you need Google Plus for your business

It’s not like any small business can really afford not to take advantage of a freely available “broadcasting” platform that will help extend their reach – one powered by the most powerful search engine and in control of the search algorithms, (nudge-nudge, wink-wink?) at that.

If you’re sceptic about whether Google Plus is a good platform for your business, think about what Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt has to say. He stated that with regard to search results, information that’s linked to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. And don’t forget that Google Plus indexes posts and that they often show up in search results. The odds are definitely more in your favour for getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results when you have a Google Plus account.

Other significant benefits of getting your business actively involved on Google Plus, is the increased authority and influence of your your brand or company within the relevant circles.

1: It’s where networking gets serious 

With more than 350 million users (and still growing) Google Plus is said to be on its way to overtaking Twitter as the second biggest social platform.  But it’s not just about who’s the biggest. It’s about what works best for your purposes. Just as Linked In is a definite yes for businesses, so Google Plus is also gaining popularity among people who are keen to network and share valuable, useful content. Yes, it’s a social platform, but for a business it has a lot of advantages and its flexibility makes it a very easily managed platform.

2: Grow your circle

Just like any social network, your engagement with others’ profiles will get you and your posts noticed as well. By promoting others, sharing, commenting and doing the + 1 on them really goes a long way to creating mutually beneficial friendships that will get the right people to take not of your business and your expert knowledge.  The more people in your circle the bigger your network of people who can share your content and spread your good name. The same way you would “Friend” someone on Facebook, you then “Circle” those you want to engage with on Google+.

3: Claim your niche in the community

On Google Plus, being active in Communities is the way to build your brand’s presence. Using Google Plus’s search function to find others within your niche and who will share and value your contribution will help you build up your following. You can join conversations and pages by topics of interest and also connect with prospective clients and engage with them. It’s almost like Facebook Groups, but here all content posted in the Communities get indexed for search. Score.

4: How your Google Plus Profile works for you

Like any social platform, the “About” piece is your place to promote yourself by wisely choosing what you say about your business, because this introduction is used by Google as your page’ meta description as it gets displayed in the search results. The awesome thing about your Google Plus Profile, is that you can put links into your intro content that can link to pages on your website! Of course you can and certainly must also add links to all your other social media profiles.

5: The local benefit

Google Plus Local Pages get indexed in Google’ s search results, which means that your Local page with all your company’s important information and contact details are more likely to be displayed in the search results when there is a lot of interaction with users in your Circles. 

6: Great results for authorship 

Your Google Plus Profile allows you to claim authorship of your content, which means that by linking it to your website or blog, your Google Plus Profile will be displayed next to your posts’ search results. The benefit of this is that it increases the click-through of those results, as it stands out among the others.  It drives more traffic to other content that is authored by you, with the “More by” link that is displayed in the results.

Like all social media networks. you just need to find your way of integrating Google Plus into your other social media activities, it’s really easy and when you have great content – share it!

Are you on Google Plus and what do you find most useful about it?

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