Hootsuite® Certified!

In our very first Blog Post for the year we mentioned how 2016 was proving to be a very promising year for us and how we were even more excited to see what it brings! You can read more about that here.

Well, at the beginning of April, we announced that we are officially certified as a Google Partner, you can read about that here and now we are proud to announce that our content Superwoman has been Hootsuite®certified! (we call her that because she’s our in-house copywriting, blogging and now certified social media marketing person!) 

What is Hootsuite®University?

First of all, let’s start by defining what Hootsuite is, Hootsuite is one of many great tools that can be referred to as a “Social Media Managing Tool”. Hootsuite®University is an extension of this and it’s education and certification programs are developed by industry-leading experts. These programs consist of regularly updated resources to help marketing professionals get meaningful results on social media.

In order to qualify these are some of the courses that you need to take:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Optimising your Social Media Profiles
  • Social Media strategy from A to Z
  • Growing your Online Community
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Social Advertising Fundamentals

Once these courses have been completed, not only do you receive a Hootsuite Certificate for credibility and to keep forever of course! You also:

  • Gain industry recognition and visibility: Hootsuite®lists you in their public directory of social media professionals.  
  • Exclusive Professional benefits: not only are you listed in the public directory of professionals but you also have free access to new courses as well as professional networking opportunities.

What does this  mean?

This means that with us being a Google Partner and now Hootsuite®Certified, our clients can look forward to more. With the skills recently acquired and the client’s vision in mind, we are very confident that our online marketing team is on the same level as that of our competitors and will continue to better our skills so that our clients receive only the best when it comes to our services!

If you would like to put our online marketing team to the test, request a quote here.

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