Introducing Puremix

Puremix joins Semantica

Semantica is proud to announce a new addition to our esteemed client list- online bottle store and pre-mixed cocktail creators Puremix.

What is Puremix?

Puremix is an ultra-convenient online bottle store that stocks a wide variety of beers, wines and spirits. They also offer hand crafted premixed cocktails– available in classic and signature styles. With their ‘pour over ice’ fresh cocktail solutions, anybody can create world class cocktails!

A selection of everyday favourites, as well as rare and premium drinks can be ordered and delivered to your door. Orders and deliveries are limited to within Cape Town for now- but Puremix is looking to extend to Gauteng very soon.

Puremix’s new site

After facing some unique challenges, Semantica managed to create a site tailor made to Puremix’s specifications. Semantica’s Web Developer extraordinaire, Riaan Coertzen, had this to say about the creation of the website:

“Puremix’s unique requirement called for some specific changes. This included Woocommerce changes to the category setup, creating new categories, moving products and perfecting the general flow of the website.

We also created custom product carousels for each main category. This allows us to display the products more effectively, and for clients to access any product quickly. No plugins existed to display products in this unique way – therefore, custom ones had to be created.”

Puremix's Margarita creationHow this benefits YOU

Apart from having a go-to site when you need to play bartender, Semantica’s experience on the Puremix site can mean good things for your company. Riaan explains some of the unique challenges that went into creating the site:

Puremix had specific needs in term of the product display- therefore it had to be custom development on top of the WordPress environment.

Puremix benefited by getting a custom interface for selling his products and ensuring clients can browse all products straight from the home page. This means no more trawling through different category and sub-category pages, although that route is still available to the visitor. This will ensure a higher conversion rate as customers can find what they are looking for without any effort and order the products.”

The Puremix site is a testimony to Semantica’s approach to going above and beyond to please clients. If you have a similar need for your site, or just a custom requirement, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at  info[at]


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