It’s ‘all hands on deck’ for Catch 22 Restaurant’s new website

website redesign

“It’s better than I ever expected it to be,” Catch 22 Co-Owner & Marketing Manager Gabbi Katz

The Semantica Digital team was all hands on deck with the redesign of Catch 22 Restaurant’s new website, which went live on Friday, 7 October.

Not only does it boast a refreshing design and catchy content, but you can browse through a gallery of mouth-watering food and thirst quenching cocktails.

Finding out the history behind the restaurant has been made easy with a heart-warming video on the Catch 22 family where they explain how the restaurant came up with its name. It’s not what you think, watch the video here

Semantica Digital Director, Lee Stuttaford, explains how the website was redesigned to fit the needs of Catch 22, “We created a WordPress website for the client, based on the original static site to provide them with the ability to self-manage the site and content.”

“We also retained a ‘one pager’ template to ensure that all necessary content for their clients is easily accessible and ensured the site is optimised for mobile users,” adds Lee.

Meanwhile, the design of the website focused on capturing the immersive experience of the restaurant via large, lively imagery, animated text and contrasting sections, as well as, catchy headings, to create a memorable experience. Much like one has when dining at the popular beachfront grille and bar!

When put through the Pingdom test, this website comes out tops with a score of 83 out of 100, and a load time of 7.29 seconds, which is 20% faster than tested websites. 

“I really enjoyed working with the Semantica team on the redesign of the Catch 22 website. I gave them an idea of what we wanted the website to look like and the team put their own unique, new twist on it without loosing the look and feel that we wanted. I believe in leaving it up to the professionals and in this case Semantica executed the project beautifully by providing the vision that I didn’t have. There was always someone on hand to help me where I needed assistance. I really like the look, feel and movement of the final product. It’s better than I ever expected it to be,” says Catch 22 Co-Owner and Marketing Manager Gabbi Katz.

So dive in and check out the new website!

And of course, if you need a catchy website, why not call us today – we’re only a phone call away – 021 555 1050.

website redesign

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