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Link AdWords Account to My Client Center (MCC)

When needing to link your AdWords Account with an agency or another user can be tricky, especially in regards to sharing your personal passwords and logins. Agencies and PPC practitioners are often asked what the best method for sharing access is. In this blog post we will explore the best option.

Any agency worth their salt will have their own My Client Center (MMC) account. An MCC account allows the management of multiple Adwords accounts quickly and easily from a single access point. The MCC account allows for performance tracking, budget management, reporting as well as the ability to have an overview of all accounts through an easy-to-read dashboard.

The use of an MCC allows for easy linking of Adwords accounts and allows for hassle free access for an agency or PPC practitioner.

  • Supply your Client ID number to the account manager: Your Account ID number is a 10 digit number found on the top of your Adwords account.10 Digit
  • Once you have supplied the account manager with your Account ID number, they will send an invitation requesting access to the account. The invite can be found by clicking the Gears icon in your Adwords account, selecting Account Settings and then Account Access.

Link AdWords Account

  • Click the drop-down Actions button and accept the invite.

Client Managers



Three steps to the Link AdWords Account process is all it takes to grant an agency or PPC manager access to your account while retaining your own private logins and details.

If at any stage you no longer wish for other users to have access to your account revoking someones access is as easy as selecting the Revoke option next to a users name under the Account Access area of your AdWords account.

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