Nexalogy tames your Twitter


Taming your timeline

You probably don’t see most of the tweets sent out by those you follow on Twitter. You might be sleeping, working, or simply not online for a few minutes. While you are going about daily living, however, the tweets keep streaming in. Sometimes as many as 500 million per day! This is where the new app from Nexalogy comes in.

It’s easy to miss content that could prove vital to your work, interests and life. Even if you are constantly connected, filtering out relevant content can prove difficult. Nexalogy’s free app promises to keep you up to date on what you missed, in addition to providing greater insight about your Twitter timeline. Hootsuite recently looked at the best ways to use Nexalogy to tame your Twitter:

Nexalogy Search Function

NexaMe, NexaYou…

The Nexalogy app is comprised of two streams: Nexalogy Search and NexaMe. The Search function allows insight about specific words or hashtags, while the NexaMe tool does the same for your own timeline.

NexaMe scans the last 1500 tweets from the people you follow, or the results from the last 7 days, depending on which comes first. It then visualizes the relevant concepts on an interest map. Each concept is sized according to its importance, with the map highlighting the relationship between concepts.

Each concept provides specific information. If you see a concept that interests you: simply click on it. The concept, as well as relating concepts, will be highlighted; revealing all the tweets related to the cluster. Now you can see exactly what’s been discussed, and by whom.

Nexalogy shows you what's been happening on Twitter while you were offline

Follow the links

The Nexalogy app contains many useful links. These help to enrich your Twitter experience, in particular the handy Analysis tab. This shows the most popular concepts and hashtags in your timeline, among other data.

Another valuable data point is the list of frequently tweeted links. This allows you to connect content shared from elsewhere with what people are talking about real time. It’s a great way to keep track of current conversations, and to discover new links you might be interested in sharing.


Nexalogy connects you

The Connections tab provides a helpful list of new and emerging influencers in your extended network. You can identify and follow people who are active, engaged, and likely to be retweeted. This way, you’ll always be in the know about whom to follow.


Hopefully, with Nexalogy’s useful app, you’ll never be behind on your tweets again!


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