Your personality in Facebook posts

Your personality according to Facebook posts


How much of your personality can be determined by what you post on Facebook? A lot, it seems, thanks to a new tool created by a start up called Five Labs.

The tool scans your Facebook posts, and analyzes the language used in your wall posts, photo captions and comments. Using the famous Big Five personality test as basis, the tool then determines how our language use relates to the five main personality attributes. Your percentage based score on each of the five attributes (openness, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism) is displayed in the form of a warped pentagon shape. The Five tool also lets you contrast and compare your personality results with those of your friends and even famous figures.

According to Five co-founder, Nikita Bier, initial opinions on the results seem to be positive:

“People seem to identify pretty strongly with the personalities we generate. Only about 10 percent said we were outright wrong about them.”

With so much insight to be gained from a few wallposts and comments, just imagine what this information could mean for companies looking to market their products and services on social media. Bier notes that the predictive nature of the 5 attributes could prove useful for advertisers:

“People who are more open go to coffee shops, and have interesting apartments. You might want to give them an ad for Ikea. Neurotic people worry about their health, so you might pitch them vitamins.”

Mark Zuckerberg's personality according to Five

Despite the tool’s potential value, the company is not planning on selling the data or utilizing it to create targeted ads. In actual fact, Five doesn’t even store your data at all. The main aim of the project was to give social media users a sense of how companies track you. Bier speculates social media companies probably analyses data in a similar manner, but with much greater sophistication and precision.

You can try out the personality test for yourself here:


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