Social Media Banners

Like many branding efforts, your social media presence should maintain a consistent design that allows your followers to easily be able to identify your content amongst the endless waves of content pummeling online users today.


A consistent brand presence on social media looks more professional and is much more memorable.


Are your social media accounts following best practices?

  • Do you have a targeted strategy?
  • Are your profiles optimised?
  • Have you set goals?
  • Are you using the correct channels?
  • Do you post consistently from a social media calendar?
  • Is your content consistent in design?
  • Are your social media images the correct size for the platform?
  • Is your content varied?


We offer a once off social media design package that includes profile and cover photos, as well as up to five general company posts for three platforms. If you require designs for a specific campaign we will design a campaign cover photo for each platform as well as a set of 20 campaign posts.


If you require copywriting or social media strategy assistance we are able to provide guidance and consulting. Custom campaign design options or a monthly social media design retainer is available too.