So what kind of website development do I need?

Well, we develop your website according to your needs. We have a strong sales & marketing background, and so we always attempt to offer solutions that make business sense. Even our entry-level solutions need to show some kind of ROI for our customers, even if just measurable in consistent traffic.

What you need before you start your web development project:

  • Know who your website is talking to;
  • Have a clear brief on what your website should do;
  • Show your web designer websites that you find aesthetically pleasing;
  • Have a budget – it has to be clear from the start what your budget is as it wastes time to ask for a Ferrari when you can only afford a Volkswagen
  • Also have a budget for marketing, a website is not a case of ‘If you build it, they will come…’ Rather spend less to develop your website and leave some budget for generating buzz

Standard Setup

We prefer to design websites that run on content management systems, (like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc), as it allows our customers to handle minor content updates themselves.

Also, these content management systems require database hosting, which we provide as value added service.

Proprietary vs. Open Source

We are PHP developers. If you need ASP.NET or any other proprietary languages, we can make referrals to competent third parties.

Our Web Development methods

Need a WordPress developer? You’ve come to the right place.

With our proficiency in the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), we offer our customers turnkey solutions that generate ROI in high gear.

As we specialize in online marketing, our WordPress development services will aid your company in generating leads and create brand awareness.

WordPress CMS features

  • Fully functional content management system
  • Numerous  WordPress plugins to extend the functionality of your website
  • Use it for a more conventional CMS-driven website
  • Use it as a blogging platform
  • WordPress software has great maintenance features and is self-updating
  • Use your own custom design, or make use of the countless WordPress themes available to buy online
  • E-commerce  is easily set up and creating an online shop is as simple as plug-and-play

WordPress Services

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

If you need specific functionality, API integrations or any other advanced features that existing plugins do not offer, we can develop custom plugins according to the latest WordPress plugin standards.

WordPress Multi-user (MU) Development

We develop multi-user WordPress websites and also provide multi-server WordPress installations.

Custom WordPress Theme & Child Theme Design

If you don’t want to use a theme that looks like everyone else ‘s, our dedicated web designers are ready to design a WordPress template that stands out from the rest.

Custom Web Applications & Widgets using WordPress

We can do awesome stuff with WordPress ─ not just your conventional websites and blogs.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your website or blog with your social media channels to deliver even better results and boost customer engagement.

WordPress advertising Management Systems

Run ads on your website  ─ we have various options for running display campaigns, whether you’re using Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or a similar professional ad serving technology or even a customised solution, we cover most ad variations.

WordPress Hosting

If you need hosting for WordPress, it’s right up our alley.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization & website analytics implementations

Keeping track of how your website is performing is crucial. We will capably:

  • Implement your Google Analytics
  • Set up your Conversion Goals
  • Ensure that tracking is implemented accurately
  • Optimize your WordPress site for search engines
  • We also offer comprehensive WordPress SEO Audits

We develop forward-thinking custom PHP websites using Laravel as the framework alongside the latest programming and design languages.

Other technical touch points worth mentioning:

  • Responsive Design (we’re familiar with doing advanced CSS layouts that work across multiple devices)
  • SVN Repositories (we prefer keeping good version control)
  • Staging / Live server environments (have control over what goes live when and follow strict approval procedures – on request)
  • MVC development processes (Model, View, Controller)
  • HTML5 / CSS3 (we are up to date with the latest technology in user interface design)
  • Optimised UX/UI Development (we consult about and build well-designed user experiences). We also love analysing and improving existing well-trafficked websites to convert better. More on that under our consulting services.

We have many years of experience doing Content Management System Web Design with the following well known content management systems:

  • WordPress
    • Custom WordPress theme design
    • Custom WordPress plug-in development
    • WordPress E-Commerce solutions
  • Joomla
    • Joomla theme design
    • Custom Joomla Module Development
    • Joomla E-Commerce solutions
  • Drupal
    • Custom Drupal theme development
    • Add-on development

Semantica has a strong web development background in e-commerce solutions on various open source and proprietary platforms. We have also developed several custom e-commerce websites, some of which handles thousands of products and transactions.

We have solid experience with:

  • WooCommerce (including high-level API integrations through custom plugin development)
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify

In conjunction with our strong Internet marketing background, we are able to provide online shopping solutions that are very well marketed, based upon solid research and experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we are here to offer you our expert advice.