Social Media Campaign for Maties exceeds expectations!

This is a fun infographic, in the style of a Facebook fan page – a Social Media Campaign for Maties – this one is actually of the actual Stellenbosch University official Facebook Fan Page and showcases some of the top line numbers that resulted from the recent enrollment campaign we managed for them on recently.

The difference? We targeted those who typically would NOT think of Stellenbosch University as an option for higher learning. The result – fantastic! Clearly then, there are many, many more students who now know about an alternative to consider – almost 7 000 in fact!

See below for the infographic and there is also a slideshow to view too – enjoy!


Stellenbosch University - Facebook Campaign - Infographic

And here is the slideshow of the finer details and other improvements :

  • Vanessa Petit
    Jul 28, 2013

    Wow, thanks for sharing! This is so cool, and the growth was absolutely amazing. With how popular Facebook is, the advertising there must be unbelievably powerful. How well do you think this would work with niches other than higher education?

  • Maryn Burger
    Jul 30, 2013

    Hi Vanessa, you are absolutely right, Facebook’s popularity makes it a great advertising platform and there is definitely an opportunity to advertise to your target market no matter their age. We can create cost effective ad campaigns that work, because ads can be targeted in highly specific ways to reach the exact audience you want. Whatever your niche!

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