SSL soon to be free and easy

SSL to be made free in 2015

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently announced plans to make SSL completely free in 2015. The EFF have partnered up with Mozilla, the University of Michigan, Cisco, Akamai and Identrust, to commence a non-profit organization known as the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The ISRG will launch a project called Lets Encrypt: the main purpose of which is to render SSL free and easy to implement.

Previous web security

Previously, an SSL certificate for your website would have cost you anything from a R100 and up. While “free” certificates exist, they are often part of a trial period (where you eventually pay) or a type of commercial incentive. As it stands, this is the first time that SSL and encryption on the web will be truly free.

Let's Encrypt logo

The ISRG go above and beyond

Although Lets Encrypt’s main goal is providing free SSL certificates, it won’t be the only focus point. Installing an SSL certificate is a somewhat technical process, which might prove difficult for inexperienced users. Luckily, Let’s Encrypt is creating applications for platforms like Linux and other web hosting operating systems. These applications are aimed at helping you setup and activate SSL for your web server in a fast and easy to grasp way.

This means that, coming 2015, you will be able to use SSL for any website on the net at no charge. It will also be easy to install, activate and use.

Be sure to view the official Lets Encrypt video. The video clearly explains just how easy it will be to install an SSL certificate from the project. And did we mention it’s free?




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