STBB launches new site

STBB’s new site

Semantica Digital is proud to announce the launch of STBB’s brand new website. The site was rebuilt from scratch, resulting in improved performance. All the content from STBB’s previous site has been migrated to their new site, as well as a preserved site index (SEO footprint) in Google search results.

Semantica‘s custom PHP developer Petri Coetzee had this to say about the changes:

The required data is held in a remote MS SQL database. Since our system runs LAMP, we had to set up a system to specifically connect and transfer data to and from. We used Freetds and pdo_dblib, with the php5_sybase package, to accomplish this. We used an API centric framework called Wave ( to deliver the data in either JSON or XML format.

Wave offered us the functionality of a full MVC framework to use as a sort of “middleware” for the entire system. It affords great security and extensibility, yet is simple to debug, even to the core. It also provides an extra layer of abstraction when needed.

Caching and preloading is also used on the API server itself, which increases performance dramatically. Security was a major concern and our solution allowed us to cater for multiple checks in the chain, while also fencing different parts of the system by building it on a modular design.”

About STBB

STBB has over 111 years experience as one of SA’s leading law firms. They focus on offering a highly effective, yet friendly service. With STBB, a client will have a pleasant experience no matter what the situation. This approach solidifies STTB’s reputation as the “approachable local legal expert”.

STBB offers clients access to legal services all over the country. Around 50 expertly trained attorneys practice from 7 branches, spread throughout the Western Cape and Johannesburg.

Although they specialize in conveyance and property law, STBB’s expertise includes Real Estate, Litigation, Corporate & Commercial Legal Services, Estates & Trusts, Family Law, Personal Injury, Insurance Law, Employment Law and Internet Law.

A company with a conscience

STBB is actively involved in a number of charities, including the Shine Trust – an organisation aiming to raise literacy levels in schoolchildren around the Western Cape. STBB is famous for their annual 2Keep-a-Breast MTB Challenge and Family Day. The goal of this event is to raise funds and awareness to combat breast cancer. All proceeds from the mountain biking event, which is often sold out, are donated to CANSA.

The company was also placed in the top three finalists at the Top Women Awards, walking away with a Certificate of Excellence in the Category “Top Gender Empowered Company: Professional Support Services – for Outstanding Contribution and Commitment to the Empowerment of Women in South Africa”.

In 2010, STBB was awarded Cape Coastal Homes’ annual “Extra Legal Mile” award. This honour was bestowed upon the legal firm who went above and beyond to serve and assist their agents during the sale and transfer process.

Check out STBB’s amazing new site here!


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