We entered The Bookmark Awards!

As a small company we’re always pushing ourselves and always willing to go the extra mile for our clients, sometimes our efforts go unnoticed and sometimes we get more than we anticipated. This is why when we turned what seemed like an impossible task into a success, we decided to enter The Bookmark Awards.

Read more about The Bookmark Awards here.

We wanted people to see that when you put your mind into something, anything is possible. The brief required us to drive online sale enquiries, with the goal of a positive ROI.

One would say this was an easy task? Yes, it may seem that way, but our client is a small brand from a small town, with a target market often difficult to define and a limited budget. This means among others we were faced with not only low brand exposure but also a hard to define target market and a limited budget.

As difficult as it seemed at the time, we got down to business and pulled out every old trick we had, to make sure we succeeded.

Since Oct 2014, the account has seen:

  • 90% increase in conversion value
  • 83% increase in conversions
  • 33% increase in clicks
  • 75% increase in conversion rate.

This was music to our ears and we were really proud of what we had achieved (we still are) and so, the process of entering The Bookmarks began!

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it through to the finals but given the perception that it’s more the companies that worked with big brands that made it through this year, we figured, maybe it wasn’t our time just yet …

Nonetheless, we would like to thank The Bookmark Awards for identifying and rewarding excellence in creative work in the local digital industry. We would also like to wish all the finalists nothing but the best of luck!

Maybe next year?

Want us to turn an impossible task into a success? Feel free to request a quote – we love a challenge!

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