We’re live at the IMC Conference in Cape Town

As we launch our new site, Mika and Dirk are attending the IMC Conference in Cape Town and taking in all the amazing discussions and integrated marketing knowledge emanating from the Silicon Cape. (Lee has his hands full getting our new office set up). We are grateful to share this platform with our peers and wish them all the best for their speeches and workshops.

Our workshop (on the second day – 6th of June 2012) will attempt to cover some useful online marketing topics, but we’ll follow up here with answers to any questions that might come up during the session if we run out of time so have them ready on twitter with the hashtag #askmika. We’ll try and answer all questions that could add value to our broader audience.

If you’re not attending Cape Town, and/or you find yourself in Johannesburg, be sure to sign up here for IMC Conference Johannesburg now.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dirk (@dirktolken),  Mika (@mikared) & Lee (@LeeStuttaford)
Semantica Team (@semanticasa)

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  • Semantica
    Jun 4, 2012

    Nice, have fun – from the coal face 😉

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