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What Should Be in Your eCommerce Festive Season Checklist

The festive season is upon us, and will run well into January as people enjoy time off from work, spend time with family and most importantly for marketers; they will be spending time online.

The season for online activity usually starts in November with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and continues into late December, where it will drop off around the 24th December, and then pick up again in the first week of January and gradually increase as more people start heading back to work.

The fluctuation of traffic during this time plays to a marketer’s advantage as it allows for various strategies to be implemented and executed during different times of the festive season cycle.

So what should you have in place in order to ensure that your festive season is prepped and ready for marketing?


Ensure All Conversion Tracking is in Place

It is vitally important to ensure that you have the correct tracking in place in order to track what you regard as a relevant conversion, be it a sale, signup, download or enquiry.

If you need to be tracking enquiries then you need to ensure that you have setup tracking on all platforms that you use to market and track performance. Ensure that you have setup the relevant Goals/Events in Analytics, ensure that your ad campaigns are tracking the correct and relevant conversions (be it Adwords conversions tracking, Facebook Pixel tracking etc.).


eCommerce Tracking

For ecommerce sites it is vital that you have the correct tracking in place in order to track order quantities as well as order value. Again, this should be tracked from all platforms that you are using, be it Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, etc.

Without relevant data coming from actual online sales you will not be able to measure performance and ROI, but will also not be able to adjust marketing strategies and shift focus to areas that bring more return on investment.


Deadlines for Festive Orders

It is vitally important to also ensure that you have made the adequate arrangements for any shipping or delivery promises that you would need to fulfill over the festive period. Ensure that you are capable of making any delivery promises to customers, or adjust your messaging or alert customers that there may be changes to your regular delivery times. The last thing you would want is for customers to be disappointed at not receiving gifts on time for the holiday season.

If your business is service based it is also important to update the availability of your service during a period where there are not only multiple public holidays, but also during a time when you may not be able to fulfill your service offerings due to the festive season.


Email Lists

During specific December and January dates (such as Christmas or New Years day) where there is expected to be less internet usage and less traffic offers the perfect opportunity for you to start preparing mailers using any email lists that you may have. If you don’t have email lists then use the peak festive period to track and save users who sign up for your mailing list.

Sending out mailers during a time when there is less internet usage is a great way to catch users when they do return online and remind them of your service/products and any specials, sales or promos you may have.



Social Media Presence

Continuing to have a social media presence over the festive season is crucial, especially if you have any promos or sales planned. Be sure to not over post and annoy your audience over a period where many companies will be pushing messaging, but rather make your posts relevant to your offering and plan posts to fall in line with peak internet usage times, but also ensure that you don’t fall off the radar during periods where there is less internet usage such as Christmas day.

Again, ensure that you are tracking your message so that you can analyse your reach, ensure that you are tracking clicks to your site accurately and use UTM codes where needed.


Ensure Your Messaging is Relevant and Not Out-dated

It is very easy to forget that you have ads or social messaging that is being promoted about sales or promos that are no longer relevant that are still being seen by users long after the fact that the sale/promo has ended.

Due to the many holidays that occur during the festive season it is easy to forget that sales/promos have ended and that you still have ads running promoting them. For obvious legal reasons you will want to ensure that your messaging is accurate, but you also don’t want to spend budget on clicks to your site with out-dated messaging.



The festive season offers a great opportunity for you to populate your remarketing lists and start segmenting them into custom audiences. These audiences can then be used to reach an audience that not only interacted with your site but can be used to remind them to return after the festive season, or even offer specials and deals to returning customers.

The festive season is filled with fluctuations in internet usage, traffic and conversions/sales, and it is vital to ensure that all your bases are covered in order to make sure that you take advantage of the rises and dips during the period, and use these fluctuations to your advantage.

Semantica will be open and operating through the festive season and can assist you in keeping your marketing on course, thus allowing you to be the one who can have a stress-free and relaxing holiday period and not worry about your online marketing needs.

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