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Who’s afraid of the big bad Penguin (2.0)?

Google’s latest Penguin update is good news for honest businesses

Penguin 2.0 – the latest algorithm update from Google  is here and for some that might have made a few involuntary chills run down their spine. Especially if you tend to spread al little spam now and again or have a few bad apples in your basket of links.  Now is the time to clean up if you want to come out on top again with this algorithm change, as Penguin2.0 is definitely targeting black-hat SEO practices.

This is the reason why Semantica incorporates white-hat SEO strategies – because they will benefit you in the long term and won’t cause you to fear Google’s updates.

Black hat strategies fall flat on their faces with updates like Penguin 2.0, because like any ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme they are built on bogus tactics which will get you into trouble or leave you worse off than before.

Penguin 2.0’s day job penguin1

According to Matt Cutts (Google software engineer) the new update is supposed to focus on website’s that have spammy backlinks with the aim to reduce these in the search engine results.  The programme will root them out and downgrade pages that do not play by Google’s rules/guidelines.

Make friends with the Penguin

You know the saying it’s good to have friends in high places, well the same goes for Penguin 2.0. It’s Google’s offspring and for that reason you’ll be doing the smart thing by becoming best buds with the beaky fella.


SEO success in the age of the Penguin

Bring Google’s website crawlers back to your pages by freshening up your headlines and your content as well as by cleaning up your backlinks.

Give them space to land!

Adding more landing pages to your website creates more chances to build up more organic links.

The importance of indexing

By making a site map, your pages will be more easily crawled and will make sure that your pages are indexed.

Social media gets another gold star

As always, your social media presence helps to promote your content and build good quality links.

Give it up for content

And it’s definitely a given fact that good, engaging and relevant content is a sure way of bringing in those sought after links. So as always, our advice would be to get cracking on great content.

Who’s doing your SEO?

Hire an SEO company that plays by the rules and you’ll have peace of mind that they practice ethical and successful SEO services that will keep your website from being on Google Penguin’s hit list of dodgy websites.

What to do now?

If your website has suffered from the update or you fear that it may, contact a reputable SEO agency like Semantica Digital to audit your website’s links and help you ─ first by getting rid of your bad links and them building your site’s authority and rankings up the right way.

Patience is the best virtue on the web

Like all good things, it takes time to generate good rankings and build quality links – but it’s definitely worth it. Give your website time to be re-crawled and be indexed again by Google to regain what you’ve lost with the Penguin update ─ and be prepared to wait a few months.

Here’s the official news from Matt Cutts at Google.


Contact Semantica for white-hat SEO services that will keep your website successfully optimised for the long haul.


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