Wi-Fi spots in South Africa

The big Wi-Fi

For those visiting the beautiful country of South Africa, finding a Wi-Fi hot spot is often not the first priority. However, we live in the digital age, and natural wonders can only captivate us for so long. Sooner or later, email must be checked and holiday pics must be shared. This is where finding a cushy Wi-Fi hotspot is essential.

For residents of South Africa, the struggle is real. Despite being at the forefront of technological advancement in Africa, in many ways we’re still lacking. In stark contrast to places like Niue, the world’s first Wi-Fi charged nation, proper hotspots are still hard to come by.

Where to find Wi-Fi

Organizations like Project Isizwe seem to agree that Wi-Fi access needs to be easier to come by. Project Isizwe has recently partnered up with the City of Tshwane to launch 200 new internet zones. The project strives to provide free Wi-Fi to all of South Africa.

Until that happens, we’ve compiled some of the best places to go when you’re absolutely desperate for Wi-Fi. Some of them might surprise you!

Many people frequent cafes purely for the free Wi-Fi

Cappuccino & Wi-Fi

Locals desperate to get online often take advantage of the “free” Wi-Fi offered by many coffee shops and restaurants. Many places, such as Vida e Café, offer a certain amount of free access per day, after which subscriptions can be bought. However, you’re internet access time is often limited, not to mention the additional costs of having to buy drinks and food.

Enjoy some refreshing Wi-Fi

It seems Coca-Cola vending machines in South Africa will soon not only be dispensing refreshments. The vending machines will soon be a source of free Wi-Fi as well. This is the result of a partnership between UK telecom operator BT Global Services and refreshment giant Coca-Cola South Africa.

David Visser, Chief information officer of Coca-Cola South Africa, says that the project aims to allow both students and entrepreneurs with more opportunities:

“Free Wi-Fi will enable students and school children in the area to increase their knowledge through research while also giving entrepreneurs and small business owners in the community the opportunity to manage some of their business aspects online.”

Browse while you commute

Although South African public transport doesn’t have the best reputation, it is providing commuters with an unlikely benefit: free Wi-Fi. Capetonians can browse the net while waiting for their trains, while Gauteng will soon enjoy free Wi-Fi on their minibus taxis. Let’s just hope the browsing is limited to passengers and doesn’t distract the driver!

If all else fails, findfreewifi.co.za offers a handy map of several hot spots. Happy browsing!


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