Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Purpose-driven marketing that attracts, retains and converts

Your Digital Marketing Strategy should sail your business vessel through the unrestrained content seas of the world wide web. With 300-million internet users worldwide, there is an increasingly competitive online content frenzy; attracting and keeping the attention of your audience is the name of game, because of this – a spray an pray approach to marketing simply won’t work anymore. It’s time to get serious about your digital marketing with a targeted strategy.

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Our digital strategies include:

  • identifying your target audience and creating in-depth buyer personas based on data and research
  • creating SMART goals and aligning them with your business objectives
  • determining the best platforms to use based on your audience
  • using various digital strategies including search engine optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, social media and email to engage and convert your audiences
  • content creation ideas for each channel
  • social media audit and optimisation suggestions
  • competitor research and SWOT analysis
  • design guidelines and a mood board based on corporate identity and business personality
  • an emergency response plan
  • content planner template

Every move you make should be driven by your target audience – from your website structure and design, to the online marketing channels you use, the type of content that you post on these channels and how you post it (content, copy, time, frequency).

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