When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail

Here’s how we plan, prioritize, execute and maintain a website project build

Web Development Services



A web developer will assess your requirements to develop the appropriate specifications for your project.



We help you identify, develop, and prioritize tasks to form a roadmap of execution for your project.



Following approval on the planning phase, we will enter a design phase that might include prototyping.



The build phase takes place in a staging environment that allows us to present the prototypes for feedback and approval.


Unit and System Tests

The functionality and features are tested against the initial requirements by a web developer.


User Acceptance Tests

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase allows you to explore the staging version of your website for final approval.


Ready for Launch

Once you are 100% happy with your website, we migrate the site to PRODUCTION from STAGING and you can begin to bring in those conversions.


Maintain & Support

Websites require constant maintenance, support & marketing – Our web developers will manage those services for you under a monthly retainer.

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We understand that your needs are unique, so we design solutions with forward-looking technologies to solve your problems.

Web Development Services

WordPress Development & Migrations

We are an open-source web development agency and prefer to design websites with WordPress with which we have more than 10yrs experience. We are able to work on and migrate sites from Drupal, Joomla or custom sites to WordPress.

Read more about our WordPress Development Services here >>

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WordPress Custom Themes

Our dedicated web designers are ready to design a WordPress template that brings your vision to life and stands out from the competition.

Keeping cross-browser compatibility, performance and usability in mind, our websites are not only built for users but for search engines too, ensuring that your site is indexable and responsive.

WordPress Custom Plugins

If you require specific website functionality, API integrations or other advanced features that existing plugins do not offer, we can develop custom plugins according to the latest WordPress plugin standards.

We have created custom plugins for :

  • Store Locator
  • Branch-specific Stock Levels
  • User-level Pricing Groups
  • Payment Gateways
  • 3rd Party API Integrations
  • Custom Login Functionality

WordPress WooCommerce

We have a strong background in developing eCommerce website solutions and integrating WooCommerce with WordPress, capable of handling thousands of products and transactions.

More about WooCommerce Development >>

Shopify & Magento

We are able to work with additional eCommerce content management systems such as Shopify and Magento to develop eCommerce solutions that fit your business specifications and technological requirements.

WordPress WPML

If your website needs to be translated into multiple languages, we are able to integrate WordPress Multilingual (WPML) into a WordPress site, allowing you to optimise your site for SEO in multiple languages.

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WordPress Multisite (WPMU, a.ka. WordPress Multi-User)

We develop multisite WordPress websites, which allow organisations or networks to host a number of websites on a single WordPress installation.

We are able to configure each site to be visitor-aware, presenting relevant content to the visitor that is canonically correct for different locations.

Custom Web Development

We are familiar with a variety of Content Management Systems and can assist with ongoing maintenance on older systems and migrations to new ones, specifically WordPress. We also build custom systems on PHP frameworks, we’d opt for Laravel, but we are able to use other frameworks as well.

Web development technologies we work with:
  • Laravel (PHP)
  • C#
  • Python
  • Go-Lang
  • Vue, Angular
  • SQL, MySQL, MariaDB

Third Party API Integrations

We have developed multiple third-party API integrations with Kerridge, an ERP software; Tourplan, a tour operator software; Legalsuite, specific software for attorneys and legal practitioners in South Africa as well as SAP, a business management software.

All these APIs can be integrated into your website to perform functions specific to your business needs. We also develop custom API integrations using the REST API, which allows you to reach data and functionality in one app.

Website Maintenance Retainer

Under a retainer we will:

  • Website software, theme and plugin updates
  • Site backups, security updates & bug fixes
  • Troubleshooting & technical support
  • Website content management tasks (content or product updates)
  • Monthly website performance reports on request
Website Performance Optimisation

We employ a host of features and code improvements to ensure your website loads quickly and responsively, often going beyond simply maintaining a benchmark. We improve page load times and mobile-friendliness to surprise and delight you with a high level of success.

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Website Hosting

We provide reliable, affordable domain transfers and website hosting through Xneelo, WPEngine, Domains and Amazon Web Services (AWS) based on your website’s required functionality and traffic volumes.

We’re also proficient in custom server setups that take advantage of the latest Operating Systems (Ubuntu 18 TLS), PHP 7x and Nginx and MariaDB, to ensure the best performance and maintain code security.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is economical and is ideal for a small to a medium website with no custom integrations.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Ideal for small, medium, and large scalable websites that require a custom plan. You can control and customize your hardware and software configurations and run your own applications.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides you with an exclusive web server, and is best suited to a small or a medium site with custom integrations and high traffic volumes.

Scalable Applications

Scalable applications are ideal for large to enterprise websites that see high traffic volumes at certain times of the day or during certain periods of the year. With scalable hosting, you are charged according to how much bandwidth you use each month.