SEO is a delicate and ongoing process of growing your organic search engine ranking.

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Search Engine Optimisation Process


SEO Audit

This consists of a technical SEO audit and a content audit. For startups, we also have a quicker SEO market assessment to determine search demand upfront.


SEO Keyword Research

You need to understand how people search, what people search for, and how search engines use keywords to serve results.


Local SEO

Whether you’re doing SEO for a local business or a client who offers a service in a specific region, you know the importance of location.


Content Strategy

Creating content with a purpose will attract the people you want to become your customers or clients.


Content Writing & Editing

Content is how you build and demonstrate your authority, relevance, and trust.

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SEO is a delicate and ongoing process of growing your organic search engine ranking 

Get a Free SEO Audit

If you want more search traffic, all you have to do is follow the website analysis report. It will point out all of the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings.

Get a Free SEO Audit

    SEO Company Services

    These are factors that can be changed on your website itself, such as:

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    • Keyword Research
    • Copy
    • URLs
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Header Tags
    • Image Alt Tags
    • Internal Linking
    • Schema Markup
    • Indexing
    • User Experience
    • Technical factors (image size, CSS, HTML and JS loading times and size.)

    These are ranking factors that are changed on platforms external to your website such as:

    Off page SEO image
    • Social Networking
    • Blogging
    • Forum Marketing
    • Directory Submissions
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Link building
    • Business Reviews
    • Paid Advertising
    • Social Shopping Networks
    • Answering questions
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    The process of identifying your top competition to decide what level of search engine optimisation and online marketing is necessary to compete in your niche.

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    It’s important that you have proper conversion goals set up for your website. We will make sure that it’s possible to track conversion touch points with your website visitors, that will enable you to make informed strategy decisions about your online campaigns.

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    One of the most crucial elements of SEO is having well optimised (and not over optimised) content using keywords and taking user intent into consideration.

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    Core Web Vitals are a specific set of factors that Google considers essential in a webpage’s overall user experience. Google’s aim is to provide clear guidance on the quality signals that are essential to providing a great user experience on the web.

    Core Web Vitals will have a significant impact on the search engine results pages, and shouldn’t be ignored. An August 2020 report found that less than 15% of websites met the new page user experience criteria. Google has given site owners plenty time to update their sites and in doing so, hopefully this number has improved.

    While you will not be penalized for not meeting the new page user experience criteria, you will also not be rewarded. A ranking boost may be earned by those who can pass the Core Web Vitals assessment.

    Read more about Core Web Vitals on our blog.

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    Citations are an online reference to a business that features the business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP).

    For local SEO, the SEO community agrees that the following Citations are essential:

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    Google my Business (GMB) is Google’s one-stop shop to manage how your business will look and perform in the search engine. It is an essential tool to find out and adjust how your site shows in Maps, the Knowledge Graph, Google+, and organic search results. GMB is the single largest driver of traffic for local SEO.

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    This involves offering optimised content for various languages or geographic locations. We begin with research of search demand in target areas and end with the a review of all site pages with optimised content. If you intend to expand your business to multiple countries, multilingual search engine optimisation is exactly what you need.