We offer and deliver solutions that make sense.

How we approach projects

We make use of waterfall or agile based project development methodologies. Each of these solution delivery approaches have advantages and limitations. These methodologies can also be used in conjunction with each other to firm up specifications on project particulars.

Classic Waterfall

Waterfall methodology makes use of a linear approach to project development where phases are carried out in sequential order. This traditional approach requires low-level client involvement and is suited to smaller projects as the project plan and deliverables are more easily identified and outlined upfront.

Advantages of Waterfall Methodology:

  • Documented process and results.
  • Deliverables are identified and agreed upon upfront, which makes planning and design straightforward.
  • The full scope is known in advance so progress is easily measured.
  • Various members can work on the active phase of the project at once.
  • Customer presence is not necessarily required.
  • Ideal for projects that require multiple software components to integrate with external systems.
  • Understanding deliverables prior to software design, ensures that the design is detailed and accurate.

Agile Retainers & Maintenance

Agile methodology makes use of concurrent and rapid application development where phases are carried out in weekly or bi-weekly sprints with reviews. This modern approach requires high-level client involvement and is suited to large projects as the deliverables are prioritised by importance with project flexibility.

Advantages of Agile Methodology:

  • Continuous client involvement ensures that client specification is met.
  • Assures quality is maintained as more checks are in place, more often.
  • Development is in incremental progress so client and team can keep better track of completed tasks.
  • Frequent opportunity to make changes and reanalyse the required features.
  • A basic working version of the required software can be produced quickly and rapidly improved upon in follow up sprints.
  • Development is user-focused as people and interactions are prioritised.
  • A lot of potential for project scalability on a budget.
Tools and Technology

We use some of the leading project management and communication tools in order to streamline our projects. We have spent a lot of time optimising our internal processes for optimal project delivery.