WooCommerce Development & Integrations

With over 50 years of combined experience, we CAN help you.

We have a strong background in developing WooCommerce Websites and integrating WooCommerce with WordPress, allowing your website to handle thousands of products and transactions.

WooCommerce Development

  • WooCommerce Development (from start to finish)
  • WooCommerce API Integrations (make WooCommerce talk to your Accounting,  Stock management, Logistics and/or CRM Systems)
  • WooCommerce UX (User Experience) and Sales Flow Optimisation
  • WooCommerce Search Engine Optimisation
  • WooCommerce Google AdWords or Social Media Integration & Marketing
  • Advanced WooCommerce Analytics & Insights
  • Custom WooCommerce Plug-In Development
  • WooCommerce Marketing Automation
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WooCommerce is an extremely versatile extension for WordPress that combines an extremely powerful content management system with e-commerce functionality.

We love WordPress because it enables us to also do online marketing very effectively and WooCommerce is a very scalable platform within which we’ve built sites with thousands of products.

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Semantica has a strong ecommerce development and online marketing background and have developed several medium to large scaled solutions for clients.

Apart from the actual build of your e-commerce website, there are many things to consider before embarking on your e-commerce journey. Watch this video called Beyond the Build where Dirk (our CMO) gave a talk about things to consider, beyond the build of your website.


What are you selling and does this product typically sell online? Do you have a good product-market fit? Are you solving a problem for your customers?


Distribution / Fulfilment
How are you going to get your products to your customers?
Are you selling local or International?


Legal Documentation
General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping & Returns Policy, PAIA Manual


Internet Merchant ID
Only if you’re going to accept credit card payments seamlessly. We can integrate with all major payment gateways.


Scalable Hosting
Depending on your site size and traffic/transaction volume we’ll provide you with the best WooCommerce / WordPress hosting solution.


E-Commerce Marketing
How will you generate targeted traffic to your website? Do you have a content & social media strategy in place? Are you considering marketplace integration, Facebook & Google product feeds. Will you implement remarketing?


Talk to us to help you develop a sound go-to-market strategy for your online store.

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