Digital & Online Workshops.

Illuminating strategies that drive business growth.

Our workshops provide individual business owners and corporate teams with practical strategies that can be easily implemented in day-to-day business operations and will assist you with making executive decisions that are faster and more accurate than the competition.

Basic WordPress Workshop

Manage your own content on your WordPress website; upload, change or remove pages, posts, products, images and more!

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  • Why we use WordPress
  • How to login to your WordPress dashboard
  • What to do if you have forgotten your username or password
  • The WordPress admin bar
  • The difference between pages and posts
  • Adding, editing, linking and deleting pages, posts, products and images
  • Tips for writing blog post

Social Media Management Workshop

Take your business social media to the next level with this introductory social media management workshop that will take your social marketing to the next level.

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  • An in-depth understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. (Other channels available on request)
  • Optimising your social media channels
  • The importance of a social media strategy
  • The basics of designing posts
  • Managing posts
  • Community building
  • The rules of social media engagement
  • Reading and understanding your analtyics

eCommerce Startup Workshop

Want to start an eCommerce store but not sure where to actually start. Start here…we will provide you with a step by step guide on how to grow a successful eCommerce store.

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  • The South African eCommerce landscape
  • Laying the foundations for building a scalable eCommerce business
  • The MVP approach: done is better than perfect
  • Hidden costs that eat up your margins
  • Marketing tips and techniques that help you focus on what’s important
  • KPIs: measuring success

MailChimp Workshop

There are many reasons to include email marketing in your digital strategy, but in order to be successful, you need to know the do’s, dont’s and how to’s.

Learn More

  • The components of email marketing
  • The fine print: terms and conditions, rights, rules, compliance with laws, acceptable use policy: prohibited content and actions, scrutiny
  • Why accounts get suspended and the importance of permission
  • Signup forms: options and customisation
  • Lists: requirements and best practices
  • Campaigns: creation, setup, campaign design, completion, settings and tracking, campaign launch
  • Navigating your report