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Glossary: A list of terms in alphabetical order - Page 2

Content Network: Also called Contextual Networks, content networks include Google and Yahoo! Contextual Search networks that serve paid search ads triggered by keywords related to the page content a user is viewing

Content Targeting: An ad serving process in Google and Yahoo! that displays keyword triggered ads related to the content or subject (context) of the web site a user is viewing. Contrast to search network serves, in which an ad is displayed when a user types a keyword into the search box of a search engine or one of its partner sites.

Contextual Advertising: Advertising that is automatically served or placed on a web page based on the page’s content, keywords and phrases. Contrast to a SERP (search engine result page) ad display. For example, contextual ads for digital cameras would be shown on a page with an article about photography, not because the user entered “digital cameras” in a search box.

Contextual Distribution: The marketing decision to display search ads on certain publisher sites across the web instead of, or in addition to, placing [glossary]PPC[/glossary] ads on search networks.

Contextual Network: Also called Content Ads and Content Network, contextual network ads are served on web site pages adjacent to content that contains the keywords being bid upon. Contextual ads are somewhat like traditional display ads placed in print media and, like traditional ad buys, are often purchased on the same CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model for purchased keywords, rather than a CPC basis

Contextual Search: A search that analyzes the page being viewed by a user and gives a list of related search results. Offered by Yahoo! and Google.

Convergence: The process by which several technologies merge into one device as the technology improves and gets smaller (e.g. a cellphone that can browse the web, take photos).

Conversion Rate: The number of actions (or goals) completed, divided by the number of clicks received. For example, you set up a “signing up for newsletter” goal on the home page of your website. If 10 people click from your ad to the homepage and 2 people out of those 10 sign up for the newsletter, your CR is 20%.

Copywriting:  The process of writing copy for your website or promotional material, which usually needs to be done by a professional to ensure that the copy is professional and has the correct keywords and calls to action.

CPA: Cost per action. The amount of money spent divided by the number of users who take a certain predefined action, like subscribing to a mailing list. For example, if a campaign cost R100 and resulted in 5 conversions, the CPA is R20 (R100 / 5). It cost R20 to generate one conversion.