Save Water! And Save on Design Costs!

With Cape Town at Level 5 Water Restrictions, Semantica Digital has decided to release some free posters highlighting the importance of saving water in Cape Town and the Western Cape.Download and print these posters to put up in your workplace, at home or at your short & long term accommodation properties.If you need something designed,...
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Cedarberg Africa – Personal Safari Planning website launch!

Cedarberg Africa gives you the freedom to explore new places and seek new experiences, confident that we have sorted all the logistics. Personal Safari Planning is our motto, goal and tradition.
Our most ambitious and long running project to date and one that brought some last minute challenges too - but you know you enjoyed the...
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Content strategy solutions


Content strategy does not equal responsive design

As outlined in Tuesday’s post, more and more websites are making use of responsive design. This means that a site is easily accessed and navigated from a host of different platforms- from desktops to smartphones. However, just because a website’s content is malleable, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s...
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