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Many companies regularly make use of image sharing accounts like Pinterest or Instagram. When using these sites, especially for business purposes, it’s important to get the best quality pictures possible. However, many do not wish to splurge on expensive, name brand, photo editing sites such as Photoshop. These programs are often too costly, and can prove difficult to use for those without design experience.

Luckily, there are plenty of photo editing sites around that are easy and often free. These fabulous sites are sure to turn your grainy cellphone pic into prize winning photos!


Pixlr can either be used on its own or as a part of Photobucket. This photo editing site works wonders on your pics- you can crop and resize them, add filters and effects, and even insert text. Pixlr Express is the stripped down version, for even easier edits.

Gimp, a free photo editing site


Gimp is Photoshop’s less complicated cousin. This free distributed program can be used for photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring. Although it requires downloading to work, it is the next best thing to Photoshop, minus the expensive fees!


If you want to add some magic to your photos, Fotoflexer is the photo editing site for you. Sure to make your pics pop, it offers special effects, shapes, retouching, and even a layering functionality. Best of all: it’s free, and it works directly from your browser.


PicMonkey’s ease is aided by a crisp, clean interface that’s very user friendly. It goes beyond the basics with its tools on offer- including features like sharpening and teeth whitening!

Phixr, a free photo editing site


Phixr is another useful free online photo editor. It includes all the tools of a good photo editing site- including cropping, rotating, removing red eye, and resizing. The option exists to add text to a photo in the form of a fun speech bubble- adding a fun and refreshing twist!

Google Plus

Last, but not least, a site you wouldn’t expect to have anything to do with photo manipulation: social media site Google Plus. Google Plus has its own handy photo editing feature. Simply upload the photo to your Google Plus account, and rotate, zoom in, or crop to your heart’s content. Advanced features, like the ability to edit specific details of a photo without affecting other parts, can be reached by simply clicking “Edit”.


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