We hosted 5 COSAT students via Code 4 CT

What will they be working on during their time with you?Each group from Code 4 CT has been assigned a client (for example BookDash, Mama Mimi’s Bakery, Espinaca) which is a real business or organization that either needs a website or an ecommerce store. They have started work on this project and will be continuing...
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Integrated Digital Marketing – Part II

Get the best of both when you integrate online & offline

In our previous post, which focused on integrating a digital strategy into your overall marketing strategy, we stressed the fact that consumers are increasingly using mobile devices and online applications to interact with the world around them, with the brands they are interested in and...
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How Google search works: an inside story

You want to be found on the web and Google wants to help you do that - well so does Semantica Digital.

The people from Google are always doing something new and interesting and recently created a very enlightening, interactive explanation called ‘The Story,’ to educate the perusing web-inquisitor on how Google Search really works...
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