Cedarberg Africa – Personal Safari Planning website launch!

Cedarberg Africa gives you the freedom to explore new places and seek new experiences, confident that we have sorted all the logistics. Personal Safari Planning is our motto, goal and tradition.
Our most ambitious and long running project to date and one that brought some last minute challenges too - but you know you enjoyed the...
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What UX is and what it isn’t


What is UX?

The term user experience (or UX) has been getting a lot of interest lately. Yet not many businesses understand how it works and how it can help them. Simply put, UX is any aspect of a person’s interaction with a system. This includes everything from the interface and graphics to the user manual.User...
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Best new design tools 2014


What’s new for design?

The world of design is constantly evolving. What’s hot one week, might be considerably cooled down the next. With the only constant being change, it’s easy to miss out on useful new design tools. What if the answer to all your woes exists, but you have no clue where to look?Lucky for...
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Dieter Rams principles of good design

Who is Dieter Rams?

 Dieter Rams is a famous German industrial designer. He is usually linked with the company Braun, as well as the Functionalist school of industrial design. Throughout his prolific career he has been a source of inspiration and motivation for many designers, beginners and veterans alike.

What is good design?

 Dieter Rams produced...
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Image Place Holders: Bacon & Vanilla Ice

Humorous Image Place Holder Sites

 There’s no denying that image placeholder services are useful. Whether your mockup needs to be tastier (BaconMockup.com), cuter (PlaceKitten.com), or simply needs a touch of class with a variety of Vanilla Ice themed images (NiceNiceJPG.com), placeholder sites are sure to deliver.That being said, some images have their time and place. Your...
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