9 Investments For New Web Design Clients

New SEO (search engine optimisation) trends emerge every day and with Google algorithms constantly changing, this forces everyone to adapt and may cause confusion for new web design clients.

If you have been considering building your website, redesigning it or have been wondering why your website is not getting the response it used to, but have no clue why or where to begin, here are a few things you should consider investing in.

1. Responsive Design

Times are changing and how we view the web is not the same as it was a few years ago, especially with the rise of mobile use, so it is of the utmost importance that you build a website that can accommodate any device. In short, responsive design is a must.

2. Your Brand

Love and stay true to your brand, it’s very easy to lose focus while trying to keep up with all the trends but the truth is, web design elements change all the time, trends come and go but your brand won’t. Your brand is what makes your company unique so focus on “trends” that will complement your mission and goals.

3. Navigation

Website visitors do not want to go through several pages to access the information they need. Avoid building a complex site and keep navigation simple by keeping important information within three clicks from the main page.

4. Simplicity

Keep it simple! When we say “keep it simple” we are not only talking about the “clean” look of your website and the user experience. We are also talking about ensuring that your website can adapt to trends (relevant to your brand). Most importantly, your website should be so simple that you should not need a developer to assist you in certain areas such as changing design aspects and updating content.

5. Content

It could be said that content is what makes or breaks your site so make sure that your content is fresh and relevant to your audience. It’s very important to bear in mind that online content has a short lifespan, what you post today may not be relevant in a few weeks. Get into the habit of posting regularly and if you are out of content to post, a great way to always have something to post is by recycling content through updates and rewording, expanding it, changing titles and creating follow up posts. Always look for a fresh angle to present to your audience.

P.S. Regular content updates are a viable SEO tactic that will continue to benefit your business into the future.

 6. SEO

Take the time to understand SEO, understand the keywords your audience is using to search and make sure you use clear and unique headers as well as meta-descriptions. SEO should always be a long term business strategy, so familiarise yourself with the fundamental SEO principles that govern web site construction.

7. Reliable Hosting

A reliable host is also very important because without one, you could find yourself facing page loading time issues and may be unable to fully use your platform. A good host provides you with regular backups, automatic upgrades, and offers scalability.

8. Security

Website strategy, customer information and SEO are some of the things that can be jeopardised if your security is breached. Do not overlook the importance of online security. Routine security checks, security plugins and system backups can and will help you avoid security disasters.

9. Awesome Website Team

When choosing a web design team or company, make sure it’s people who understand you, your brand and are as passionate about it as you are. Choose a team that sounds and looks like they know what they are doing. Ask for examples of work they have previously done and make sure that you are comfortable around them as these are the people you will be working with for a very long time.

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