Why are WordPress updates so important?

You’ve invested your time and money to get your WordPress website online and finally, it’s in place and as you want it.

Are you done with it now? No – this is just a milestone on a long and interesting journey and yet, at some point, like a warning light in a car, the WordPress updates notification starts to show and you’re not really sure what to do…

Do you decide to ignore it and hopes it goes away? The short answer is – NO.

Don’t ignore it!

Yes, that uncomfortable little notification is important. To you and your business. It lets you know that the security and performance of your website will be compromised if the update is ignored. Without regular updates, (just like any computer or smart phone), your site runs the risk of being vulnerable to viruses, being harmed by a hacker or simply just not working properly at some point in the near future.

Keeping your site updated is also very important for your Google Search position ranking. If your website goes offline, as a result of a hack or virus, your website will quickly lose it’s ranking and all your search engine optimization work is quickly lost.

Having a regular update maintenance plan also provides you with a smoother time when managing your site, ensures your site stays secure and ultimately, give you peace of mind.

Ok, so should I implement the updates myself?

In short, the best answer is No. Updates can be tricky and occasionally they can fail, so it’s best to leave it to a professional. Also, if you’re running a site with e-commerce, and somehow an update causes a site crash, you’d easily lose vital information which, without a backup to restore, can cause many tears of frustration, not to mention angry customers too.

Can I leave the updates until something goes wrong?

You could do that, but when something goes wrong, chances are you won’t have a backup and imagine losing those countless hours of work, plus the money you’ve invested?

Often the site starts misbehaving when you most need it, say during an important marketing drive, sales-pitch or when you’ve just launched a new product.

Regular updates minimize the chances of big crashes and gives you peace of mind so you can focus on your core activity, i.e. running your business, not your website.

What does your Website Management Service offering mean to me?

It keeps your site safe and secured

Your website runs on software, and just like any software, security vulnerabilities can emerge, so WordPress publishes security ‘patches’ that fix known vulnerabilities.

All the updates we run include these patches so your site can be 99% sure to be protected and up online for your business. We also run regular security scans to monitor your site to pick up any suspicious activity. We also actively monitor in real time for any suspicious activity so we can do something about it immediately.

Ensure good performance

As with all things digital, when things age, they stop working properly – this is no different for your website. Keeping WordPress updated means that things continue to work well and you benefit from the newer more advanced features included in later versions of WordPress and other plugins too!

Monthly Updates

Last but not least, our maintenance means regular technical attention, so that you can be sure your site is operating optimally at all times.

In essence, we’re experienced WordPress developers and can manage your updates for you, and you won’t even know they’re running, except for the standard monthly report to let you know we’re taking care of it all for you.

Why not read more about how we’ve taken the headache away and made it easy for you to chose the right solution for your WordPress site in our new Website Management service offering?

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