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Image Placeholders: Bacon & Vanilla Ice

Humorous Image Place Holder Sites


There’s no denying that image placeholder services are useful. Whether your mockup needs to be tastier (BaconMockup.com), cuter (PlaceKitten.com), or simply needs a touch of class with a variety of Vanilla Ice themed images (NiceNiceJPG.com), placeholder sites are sure to deliver.

That being said, some images have their time and place. Your conservative, teetotaller manager, for instance, might not find your booze filled mockup (Liquoripsum.com) as amusing as you do. Sitepoint.com suggests two alternative sites that provide relevant and office appropriate images.


Relevant place holders


The first, P-Hold.com, makes use of Flickr‘s Creative Commons search API, allowing for easy keyword searches and dimension customisation. The second, UIFaces.com, provides you with images of real people to use as avatars.

Both sites supply applicable images for a diverse range of topics; giving your mockup a more professional and appropriate look.


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