Why are WordPress updates so important?

You've invested your time and money to get your WordPress website online and finally, it's in place and as you want it.Are you done with it now? No - this is just a milestone on a long and interesting journey and yet, at some point, like a warning light in a car, the WordPress updates notification...
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3 Tips to make the most of WooCommerce

WoocCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress and to date has been downloaded over 1,200 000 times. Having ourselves worked with WooCommerce for a number of projects, we have gained insight into how to bend WooComerce to suit various needs.In this post I will be discussing some useful tips, tricks and slight modifications.

1. Using prettyPhoto...

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Integrated Digital Marketing – Part II

Get the best of both when you integrate online & offline

In our previous post, which focused on integrating a digital strategy into your overall marketing strategy, we stressed the fact that consumers are increasingly using mobile devices and online applications to interact with the world around them, with the brands they are interested in and...
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