Semantica CMO features in eBook

Semantica’s very own Dirk Tolken has made a contribution to the trendsetting OneUpAgency’s new 2015 Consumer Marketing eBook. Dirk, Semantica’s CMO, was featured in the eBook as an industry expert on social media.

25 Consumer Marketing Insights 2015 eBook

OneUpAgency is a marketing agency devoted to helping South African consumer brands achieve more...
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How to manage your social media

Why social media is important

Earlier this week, we posted about how ignoring your company’s social media accounts could damage your business. Social media is a convenient platform used by many to reach out to businesses. Neglecting your audience could result in creating an unprofessional and amateurish image of your company. What’s more- it could cost...

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Don’t neglect your social media!

Do you neglect your social media? You shouldn’t!

Companies often make use of social media networks to interact and engage with their clients. It is a useful space for clients to compliment or complain, and for the businesses themselves to better understand their audience. Different networks offer different ways of expressing your views. The audience each...

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Twitter filters timelines

Strange tweets on your timeline?

 If you’re seeing tweets on your Twitter timeline from people you don’t know, it’s no accident. It seems Twitter has started to make some integral changes to the way its timeline is filtered and displayed. Users are complaining about the changes, with many long term fans threatening to abandon...
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Twitter’s SME ads launched in South Africa

Twitter targets South African small businesses

 For the first time ever, South Africa has full access to Twitter’s complete range of self serve advertising products, including Promoted Tweets and Accounts. This platform will allow small to medium enterprises (SME) to take advantage of Twitter’s products in a similar manner to their larger clients.This could prove extremely...
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Facebook: an ineffective marketing strategy?

Just how useful is Facebook to marketers?

 When it comes to using social media as a marketing tool, it almost goes without saying that Facebook should be the first platform that any media savvy strategist would turn to. However, new studies seem to indicate that Facebook isn’t nearly as an effective marketing aid as once thought....
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