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How to avoid online distractions


Having trouble resisting online distractions?

Everywhere we go we get bombarded with ways to procrastinate, and the internet is no exception. Between pop up ads for addictive browser games and endless articles listing the 25 things mostly likely to resemble other things; it’s easy to fall prey to online distractions. Although online distractions can be a harmless way to kill a few hours, sometimes you need to cut them loose and get some work done. Gizmodo has compiled a list of handy apps to help keep you on the straight and narrow. While actually sitting down and doing some work is still up to you, these apps could help clear your path to productivity.


KeepMeOut keeps you out!

KeepMeOut keeps online distractions at bay by allowing you to create bookmarks that function as links for your favourite time-wasting sites. A highly customisable app; you can limit how often when and for how long each website can be visited. This tool will work in any browser.

Avoid online distractions with handy apps


Stay on the ball with StayFocusd

This free Chrome extension makes it possible to specify which websites are blocked and which you are able to visit. If you need Wikipedia for research, but don’t want to get mired in funny YouTube videos, StayFocusd is ideal for you. Simply block the latter, and continue visiting the former.


Go Cold Turkey to quit online distractions

If you are serious about kicking your procrastination habit, Cold Turkey is the way to go. This tool completely blocks apps and websites, as scheduled by you in advance. If you have a habit of getting lost in status updates first thing in the morning, Cold Turkey keeps you clean and productive. Cold Turkey is only available for Windows.


TomatoTimer for productivity

This app uses the Pomodoro technique to keep you free from online distractions. In essence, the Pomodoro technique works on the theory that working in short bursts with regular breaks increases mental agility. While not a blocking app, TomatoTimer helps you decide on and keep track of your various breaks and bursts. After all, what better way to celebrate your productivity with a short Angry Birds session?



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