Email Marketing: How successful is yours?

Engaging through email marketing


For almost as long as there has been email, marketers have found ways to reach clients through it. One of the great advantages of email marketing is the ease with which its reach can be tracked. We are able to monitor who opened a message and when, where they navigated next, and whether they decided to make a purchase or abandon the product altogether. With all this data available, are we getting so mired in information that we lose sight of its actual purpose?

What constitutes success in email marketing?

Traditionally, brands have defined the success of their email marketing programs through the sole evaluation of engagement rates. If users are opening your email and clicking through, have you not achieved your goal? No, says popular tech site, unless your main objective was simply to get your brand seen. Engagement metrics are undoubtedly useful indicators of how well the channel is doing. However, much more can be gained by trying to understand where the client goes beyond the email. This information can be pivotal in determining future content and targeting considerations. That being said, engagement metrics are perhaps not even the tip of what email marketing has to offer. Reach more clients with email marketing

Revenue success

Another way to value email marketing is to base it on the revenue attributed to it. Email, being a discount channel in many aspects, manages to drive a consistent return on investment. However, discount also means a loss of revenue, which many marketers seem to have accepted as inevitable. It is important to remember that, while revenue is a good way to indicate channel success, it does not necessarily equal profit.

Success as measured by incremental behaviour

Measuring incremental behaviour in the email platform could prove useful- particularly if used in conjunction with the lifetime value of a subscriber. This establishes the effect your emails have on your subscriber base, as well as measures the value of maintaining this type of customer relationship.

Email marketing remains a powerful and popular way to engage with clients. It’s success can be determined in many ways, which proves especially useful in combination with each other.


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