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Digital agencies: what’s new?

The changing face of digital agencies


Adverts as we know them are changing. This is the digital age, and the standard print-and-television campaigns are no longer cutting it. Today’s young people, known as Millenials, have infamously short attention spans. They demand constant variation and stimulation, and the advertising world is no exception to this rule.

However, just because conventional doors are closing, doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of new opportunities arising for innovative advertisers. Mashable has listed 3 new and creative ways for advertisers to grab attention:

Viral videos


Viral videos refer to videos that become extremely popular through sharing, often amassing millions of views across the globe. Considering their wide reach, it’s no wonder digital agencies are eager to incorporate this trend in their ads. However, more often than not a video becomes viral through sheer happenstance- they are notoriously difficult to engineer.

That being said, at least two digital agencies have specifically focused on solely creating viral videos for advertising purposes- namely Thinkmodo and Contagious. Both have accumulated an impressive amount of viral hits. Says Tim Staples of Contagious, the larger of the two:

“Good content isn’t necessarily shareable. By “good,” they mean high-production. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s compelling.”



GIFs, short for Graphic Interchange Format, are becoming increasingly useful for digital agencies. The animated images grab attention and are popular with consumers- especially those in the elusive Millenial market.

Companies like Cinegif create customised GIFs to draw attention for their clients. Company founder, Graham McFarland, states that GIFs attract up to 500% more clicks than conventional banner ads.

Digital agencies need to rethink their strategy

Universal connection


Imagine your washing machine could recommend a good repairman when it breaks down? That’s exactly what digital agencies like UK-based Evrythng envision. With the advent of wearables and omnipresent wifi, we’re becoming more and more connected.

This could mean increased opportunity for online marketing. Usually, branding is all about helping to make your products a bigger part of consumer’s lives. With constant access to the internet however, this formula has been reversed.

Making it work for you


In a way it’s reassuring to see that, as always, the only constant in the advertising world is change. Despite their ever evolving surroundings, forward thinking digital agencies have a wealth of advertising opportunities to look forward to.





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