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Do Facebook Ads really work? Absolutely, and here’s the Proof

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm. However, we are often asked by small business owners if Facebook ads are truly effective. Many understandably still have their doubts, so we thought we’d share some of the facts.

Facebook has proven to be an excellent way to reach targeted audiences. Facebook Ads Manager enables you to attract the attention of potential customers through their specific interests and location, among other useful tools. In this blog, we will outline some facts that prove Facebook adverts can effectively drive new customers to your business – however, with the exception that it’s done right.


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How do Facebook Ads Work?

Did you know that 96% of social media marketers regard Facebook to be the most successful social media advertising platform for ROI? The best part about advertising on Facebook is that you don’t need a massive budget, whether you’re a small business or a massive brand. With Facebook marketing, advertisers will begin to see results relatively quickly after a budget is in place, and all their goals are clearly outlined in their social media marketing strategy.

In line with Facebook Business, you’ll need to understand the following before creating Facebook ads: 

  • Your business goal – The reason you’re running an ad
  • You understand your target audience
  • The daily or lifetime budget for your ad
  • The photos or videos you feature in your ad

The Fundamentals that make up a Facebook Ad:

  • Ad Creative: The content (images and text) that will share your message with your ideal and targeted audience
  • Targeting: Your target audience
  • Placement: The places where your ad will pop up
  • Bid: The amount of money you’re willing to spend so that your potential customers will see your ad and take the desired action
  • Budget: The amount you want to spend for your ad campaign as a whole
  • Schedule: The length of time you will allow your ad to run

One of the most important techniques to using Facebook ads is how they are targeted. For an ad to be seen, your digital marketer will need to ensure they are targeting the right people. 


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There are several factors that affect how many people see each post on Facebook:

  • Location: Reach people based on the country, state/province or current city they live in
  • Age & Gender: Limit your audience based on the age and gender of the people you would like to target
  • Language: Narrow your ads down to specific languages
  • Behaviours: Get your ad to people based on their purchase behaviours, intent, device usage and more
  • Connections: Reach potential customers who are connected to your business’s Facebook Page, app, events or their friends
  • Custom Audience: Create your ideal audience by using Facebook Pixels, email addresses, phone numbers and more
  • Lookalike Audience: Reach potential customers that are similar to your target audience(s)

Sounds complicated, right? It’s normally best to consult an ads specialist from a social media marketing agency to help achieve the conversions you’re after when starting a Facebook Ads campaign. 


How effective are Facebook Ads in leading to actual sales?

eCommerce Sales - Small shopping cart with sales sign in it on a laptopEveryone knows Facebook ads are extremely helpful for generating leads and increasing sales, but just how effective are they? This massive user base makes the platform ripe for real-time marketing. Any company or brand that can show targeted users something that truly stands out from this massive archive of information is bound to see great results. When you can attract the right audience at the right time it’s a much more profitable experience, because you’re only showing your message to those who are already interested in what you offer!


6 Facts about Facebook Adverts that make them highly effective:

  1. There are over 2.85 BILLION Facebook users worldwide

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network with more than 2.6 Billion users worldwide. What’s more, is it reaches a diverse audience ranging from new-age adults to more mature users. New research also shows that Facebook’s popularity rises throughout the week, meaning that there’s a bigger chance of achieving more sales by placing your ad at different times of the day. 

In summary, you have the potential to introduce your product to an incredibly large audience through Facebook Adverts, with the possibility of a mere 0.5% audience conversion translating into a huge increase for your business.

  1. Commitment ads

The commitment ads are helpful in targeting your existing clients on Facebook. These ads will help you generate more leads, showcase the highlights of your product and run tempting offers to create more traffic to your website. Using this marketing method also allows you to tweak your advert to aid in improving the conversion rate.

  1. Features to plan targeted ad campaigns

As mentioned before in this article, Facebook has amazing features to target your ideal audience through inputting your desired locations, ages, genders and more.

  1. Increased customer attribution

Through Facebook ads, it is possible to repeatedly reach your target market. The more times your adverts are seen by potential customers, the higher is the possibility of turning them into customers for your product or service.

  1. Measurable advertising metrics 

The results you achieve through Facebook ads can be analyzed in detail to determine whether they are working or not. You can understand the audience, geographic location, how many clicks were made on each ad, what the click-through rate was per page, etc. By installing Facebook pixel on your website, you can track your conversions even more accurately and easily.

When installing Facebook pixel tracking code, it is important to add this code to all the pages on your website that you will want to track in Facebook ads manager. By doing so, every action done on your website can be tracked in Facebook ads manager. You can use this analysis report to optimize your existing campaigns to increase conversion rates and lessen the CPC.

  1. Remarketing ads to bring back lost customers

Have you ever found yourself on a website that has advertisements or targeted ads for things you just visited? Well, this is known as remarketing.

The remarketing ads option available on Facebook is one of the great features that can help you increase conversions. They target people who visited your website in the past but didn’t result in a conversion.

Facebook AI will help inform and advertise to people who are likely to buy your product based on the database uploaded. The method will not only increase the conversions for your products but also reduce the budget spent on advertising.


Getting Started

Facebook Ads is a goldmine for any business if you know how to use them. Now that you know how effective Facebook ads are for driving sales, you can invest in your own professional Facebook ad campaign. 

If you’re interested in learning more about setting up a Facebook ad campaign, feel free to get in touch with our expert team of ad specialists at Semantica Digital.


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