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Why COVID-19 Creates a Great Opportunity for Remarketing

Most advertisers have felt the effect of COVID-19, not only on their account performance, but their revenues too.

A majority of advertisers have been reporting that during the COVID-19 lock down they have seen their impressions remain stable, and in some cases increase as well, while clicks tend to remain stable for the most part.

The reason for this is that we have been seeing during lock down that users are spending more time on the internet, browsing more, and researching products/services they may be interested in once lock down ends.

While this is a difficult time for industries and services when it comes to conversions and revenues, it does allow a great opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of Remarketing, capitalising on the new traffic coming to the site and the increase in users browsing during the lock down.

The pandemic offers a great opportunity for advertisers to start thinking long term and start planning for beyond COVID-19 restrictions. Advertisers can start populating their remarketing lists now, filling their lists with audiences that are primed and ready for more interaction as soon as restrictions ease/end. Advertisers can start breaking out their remarketing lists into segments that are granular and customised for the audience that you what to target (such as age, gender, parental status etc). This would also be a great time to start working on any specific messaging that you would like portray to users in the ads that you will use to Remarket with. Also, they should start thinking about any specials and sales that they may want to run when lock down eases/ends.

All these actions can be done now and can assist with medium to long term strategy and goals. The actions for remarketing now will play a massive role in capturing the relevant audiences who were interested in your business when restrictions were high, and still may be interested when individuals and businesses have more freedom to operate.

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