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Why Instagram Ads are Getting More Expensive

Why Instagram Ads are Getting More Expensive

A lot of people have noticed that when compared to Facebook ads that Instagram ads have a much higher CPC. Clients and users more often than not will run Facebook ads ad Instagram ads at the same time, especially since they are run from the same platform.

Instagram VS Facebook Ads

Firstly, Instagram does tend to get more engagement than Facebook ads, with some reports saying up to 10 times higher engagement. This is because users interact with Facebook and Instagram differently. Users tend to spend more time interacting with brand posts on Instagram than on Facebook brand posts. Brands tend to use Instagram to create emotions and a bond with users, and the platform allows for this more than Facebook does.

Instagram is also positioning themselves to be more of a boutique or luxury platform, catering to, dare we say more high end users than Facebook. On a platform where celebrities and luxurious social media influencers flourish, it’s natural for Instagram to want to start targeting higher end advertisers, advertisers with budget who will match well with a platform who align themselves with more exclusive content posted by their users. Simply put, Instagram want high end advertisers and are willing to charge a higher CPC/CPM in order to attract bigger brands that have the budget for it.

Median CPC

At the end of the day, when it comes to advertising on Facebook and/or Instagram, expect to have a higher CPC/CPM on Instagram, but also expect to reach a more engaged audience who also tend to be more attracted to luxurious or high end products and glamorous looking ads/posts.

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