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Why Gmail Ads are a must have in your paid advertising arsenal!

While Gmail adverts are not a new development, if you are not making use of them in your paid advertising arsenal, you should be.

Gmail ads are run through AdWords, they are expandable and appear at the top of tabs in Gmail. These interactive ads can expand into email-sized ads that are able to include videos or images. A ‘click’ is charged once someone expands the ad, this is called CPC.
Through the use of Gmail Ad targeting, you can focus your paid advertising efforts on factors such as placement, keywords, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, demographics and even certain topics. Targeting ensures that your advert reaches the right person, with the right interests, at the right time.

gmail ads

Here are a few ways that Gmail ads could take your advertising to the next level:

  • The benefit of using keywords to target Gmail Ads is that the ad is likely to appear to a user who has had a lot of emails regarding the keyword you have selected, thus making your audience relevant and targeted.
  • Clients who have opted to use this area of advertising through Adwords are finding extremely high conversion rates, often higher than standard search campaigns, and traffic is extremely relevant with a lower than usual bounce rate.
  • The actual ads are a little more in-depth when compared to regular Display Ads, and will consist of images for the collapsed and expanded ads, each with different specifications.
  • Gmail Ads reach outside of traditional search and display ads as there is a new template that is not available to other forms of paid advertising. This new template allows viewers of your advert the opportunity to forward the advert to a friend or save it to their inbox.Gmail Ads

It is crucial to ensure that you know exactly how to target your paid advertising as targeting can become a lot more in-depth. If you are unsure of how to put together a paid advertising strategy – it is usually best to have an expert PPC Manager to assist in paid advertising campaigns.

Gmail Ads is a refreshing new direction that can be extremely beneficial to any existing paid advertising campaign along with the right strategy. Semantica Digital Paid Search Business Development specialist Kyle Pretorius says that while this form of paid advertising is not used as much as other forms, it will become more popular as people become more comfortable with it.

So, need a bit of PPC power in your paid advertising arsenal? Give us a call! We can do it all for you, and add value where it counts – to your bottom line.

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