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The internet is a weird and wonderful place. There is a multitude of useful websites offering a range of services and entertainment. Many of these sites, however, remain undiscovered. Just think- the site with the answer to all your problems could be at your fingertips- you just need to know where to look!

In order to make your life a little easier,  Buzzfeed has compiled a list of useful websites that are somewhat obscure. Semantica has picked out the top ones, just for you. Who knows? You might find the solution you’ve been searching for!

Useful websites you’ve never heard of


  • Perfect Printing: Tired of your printed webpages coming out cluttered? Not only does it look bad, it also wastes a lot of paper and ink. Enter This useful website formats pages; removing unnecessary articles and ads. This helps to save ink, paper and the environment!Print Friendly helps you to easily print out webpage
  • Word Frequency Counter: Think you might be repeating yourself? has a handy page that allows you to paste a text and calculate how often a certain word is used. No more sounding like an echo!
  • Duration Calculator: Need to know exactly how many seconds have passed since you last went on holiday? The Duration Calculator has the answer! This useful website calculates exactly how much time has passed since two dates. Never miss your 500 day anniversary again!
  • Website Downtime Checker: Is the site down? Is it just you? When the paranoia gets too much to handle, check out: It lets you know whether your problems are just website maintenance, or if it’s personal!
  • Self Destructing Email: Want to give out your email, but scared you’ll get spammed? Feel like a spy with Simply create an email address, sign up for whatever you need to, and relax! Your email will self destruct 10 minutes after creation!
  • How to use CSS3 animations to improve UI & UX of a website: animations on the Internet have made some amazing progress. Instead of the in-your-face, gratuitous sort, smart creators and engineers have decided on a more inconspicuous approach to animation. Unobtrusive animations enhance user encounter on the subliminal level – read more about this at
  • CSS3 Intro, Guides & Resources: While the web is full of resources to help you learn CSS, if you’re a beginner you may have a hard time separating great resources from those that are just ok. In this resource guide we provide a basic introduction to what CSS is, what it is capable of, as well as the features rolled out in the latest version: CSS3. – read more about this at

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Hopefully these useful websites will come in handy to you. Have a good weekend, and safe internet travels!


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